Over the years, I’ve been asked countless questions about my services in particular and about wedding photography in general.  To make your planning a bit easier, I’ve put together an F.A.Q. of the more common questions.  Chances are you have a few of these questions yourself, and you may find a few that you never thought to ask.  You can also find out a bit more about my wedding photography by taking a look at my weddings page here, and if you have any questions that you don’t see here please don’t hesitate to ask.

Wedding Photography F.A.Q.

For a full-day package, 2 photographers will be with you for the entire day.
We can stay as long as you like to cover the reception, although usually by midnight everything has been covered.
The full-day packages are all 12 hours long, or until midnight.
I’ll put together a web gallery of the photos so you’ll be able to see them a few days after the wedding. If there is no proof album included in your package, the photos can be in your hands within a week.
Usually it’s a good idea to include a meal for your photographers at the reception. We are going to need to eat, after all. If there is nothing for us at the reception, we’ll have to go find something to eat and this means that we will be unable to cover the reception while we’re out.
Of course! The packages are simply starting points and can be customized to suit your needs.
Final prints that go in your album, thank-you cards and other print products will of course be touched up.
It’s always a good idea to have a schedule for the day. This is something that we will set during a meeting sometime in the final month before the wedding.
Of course! If your cultural traditions involve keeping men and women separate at any point during the day, I can make sure that I hire a female second shooter for your day.
I do work with several talented videographers and am more than happy to recommend one to you.
That can certainly be done. Ask your d.j. if a projector and screen are part of their production. If not, I can provide that.
Of course! What’s a photo booth without props? If you have your own theme and props, feel free to bring them along.
I can travel to shoot anywhere in the world. The price will vary depending on the location. I’m more than happy to provide you with a custom quote.
Anywhere that’s away from the rest of the guests. You always want to make sure that the only people at the portrait session are the ones being photographed, otherwise it gets crowded and impossible to control.
I consider my style to be documentary/candid/photojournalist. I see a wedding as an event, so my job is to document the event as it would have unfolded even if I weren't there. That doesn't mean that I'm completely hands-off, though. When it comes to the portrait session, I make sure all the friends and relatives are where they need to be, when they need to be there.
My weddings up to now have been shot exclusively on digital, but I do have a background in film photography. I went through a 3-year professional photography program in school starting in 2001 and everything I did there was on film. I've been thinking recently about starting to incorporate some film photography into future weddings.
I'm always the main photographer at the wedding. I do have some associates who could fill in for me if I get sick or injured at the last minute (it's never happened, but I like to have a backup plan in place).
I use whatever lighting is necessary and looks good. If the ambient light looks good, I go with that, but I'm not the kind of photographer that is afraid to bring out a flash or two if the situation calls for it.