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So you’re looking for photography courses?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. First, let me tell you a little about myself and why you should take me seriously. I’m a full-time professional photographer with experience taking all kind of photos, including the kitchen sink (literally – I did work for a client who makes kitchen and bathroom faucets). I also have formal training in photography, so I have a strong understanding of all the basic principles of photography. This means that I can not only tell you what to do, but more importantly why you’re doing it and how it works. I’m a firm believer that a strong understanding of the scientific and artistic principles of photography will help you improve faster because you’ll be able to analyze light and figure out the best way to work with it. That is, after all, what photography is all about: working with light.

Ok, so I know stuff. But why take photography courses from me? How do you know that I’m actually able to teach you that stuff? After all, there are plenty of people out there whose brains are crammed full of useful information but who have no idea how to give that information to someone else. Here’s how: I also worked in photo stores for 16 years. Over that time I developed an ability to explain complex concepts to people in a way that is simple to understand. I also became quite good at figuring out a person’s level of understanding of photography very quickly, so I was able to talk to them at a level they were comfortable with. Beginners never felt like I was talking down to them or over their heads and more advanced customers knew that I knew my stuff and could be trusted.

The photography courses I’m offering are a bit different from what most people offer. I don’t offer photography courses on specific subjects, with specific things that I’m going to teach, following a specific time frame. This is more of a free-form kind of course, where I teach you what you want to learn and at your pace. You could be a seasoned expert or a complete beginner, it doesn’t matter. Think of it more as having your own, 1-on-1 photography adviser. Do you want to learn how to shoot sports so you can take photos at your child’s soccer games next summer? Not a problem. I’ll teach you how to develop the skills you’ll need to catch the action. Are you more interested in portraiture? Then we’ll spend more time going over how to create the lighting you want, how to pose your subject and, most importantly, how to get them to relax in front of a camera.

So how does it work?

It’s quite simple. We’ll have a simple conversation, where you’ll tell me about your interest in photography and what you’d like to learn. I’ll take a day or two to create a personalized plan for your first lesson and then we’ll begin. I recommend that lessons be in 2-hour blocks as I find that’s a perfect amount of time to give you plenty of information without overloading you.

The advantage to this kind of teaching process is we can go as fast or as slow as you want. If you’re having trouble understanding something, we ‘ll simply keep at it until you get it. If you’re absorbing information like a sponge, we can pick up the pace.

So, are you interested?

Great! Give me a call (514-965-0471) or send an e-mail ([email protected]) and we can talk about what you want to learn!

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