Melanie & Stewart at Le Crystal

by | Feb 09, 2020

Great wedding weather for February

Last weekend I had the opportunity to do something I haven’t done in quite a while: photograph a winter wedding for Melanie and Stewart.  Weddings in the beginning of February in Montreal can be difficult for the obvious reason: you could very well be getting married in the middle of a -20-degree cold snap or a raging blizzard (or both)!  Fortunately, the weather co-operated with us on this day.  The temperature was only about 5 below freezing and we had sun for a good part of the day.  Getting around certainly could have been worse!

The Venue

The ceremony and the reception were both held at Le Crystal.  It always makes things easier when we don’t have to travel from one venue to the other.  The hall did a great job decorating and we were able to get some really nice detail shots.  There was one thing that really impressed me: reception halls usually have a table set up for whoever is working at the reception.  This time, however, they went a bit above and beyond.  They had set up all 6 chairs at our table (2 for the photographers, 2 for the video crew and 2 for the dj’s) on one side of the table so we all had a view of the room.  It was a minor thing, but we appreciated it.

Something a Little Different

For this wedding, I decided to do something a bit different: I brought a videographer with me to film some behind-the-scenes clips.  I wanted to give people an idea of what a wedding is like from the photographer’s point of view.  It was a bit of a challenge for me because I had to fight against an old habit.  Usually I have to keep track of where the video guy is so I can make sure to stay out of his shot.  This time, however, I had to keep remembering to get INTO his shot.  It got a bit more complex when the video crew that the couple had hired arrived.  Now I had to make sure I was in one camera’s shot and out of another!  The video is in the editing stages right now and I’ll post it as soon as it’s ready.  For now, enjoy the slideshow video below!

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