Kat & Marlon at Auberge des Gallant

by | Oct 05, 2019

Good People > Bad Weather

I’ve been pretty lucky with weddings this year.  Not for the weather, of course – the weather’s been horribly for most of the weddings I’ve had this year, which is strange because it was a pretty good summer overall.  No, I’ve been lucky because of the couples I was able to work with on those days with horrible weather.  Working with good people on bad days makes the job go much more smoothly, and shooting for Kat and Marlon last weekend was no exception.


Their wedding took place at Auberge des Gallant in Rigaud.  This was my first time there in about 10 years, and I was reminded what a great venue it is for portraits.  We were fortunate enough to have a few minutes before the ceremony to do a few portraits with the bride before the rain hit, but once the ceremony started it was a pretty wet day.  This was a bit of a problem, seeing as we were out in Rigaud and had nowhere to go for portraits that was covered from the rain.


Fortunately, this was a couple who came prepared.  They had enough umbrellas for the entire wedding party! So, armed with a series of clear umbrellas, we ventured out into the rain for the portrait session.  The combination of umbrellas and willow trees was enough to keep everyone (relatively) dry and I was quite impressed with how little everyone cared about the rain.


The reception hall itself was quite interesting, from a lighting point of view.  It feels a bit like a log cabin, but it has white ceilings.  This made my life so much easier!  I’ve shot in halls that have dark wood walls and ceilings.  They might look nice to the eye, but they’re so dark and difficult to shoot in.  That wasn’t the case here: rural feel + good lighting = great venue!  The food was quite good, too.  I’ve had braised beef (recently) that was basically just a lump of fat, and it wasn’t very appetizing at all.  The beef here was nothing like that!

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