April 2020

Mexico beach wedding: Melissa & Will


Melissa & Will One For The Books... As the lockdown continues, today we'll be looking at what might be my most memorable wedding to date: Melissa & Will's wedding from 2015.  What makes it so memorable?  Being at the Hard Rock hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has a lot to do with it!  This [...]

Mexico beach wedding: Melissa & Will2020-04-17T18:23:13-04:00

Chateau Vaudreuil wedding: Jenna & Danny


Double-header Weekend, Part 2: Chateau Vaudreuil Weddings from the Vault For today's From The Archives wedding, we're going to go back to August 2014 to revisit Jenna and Danny's wedding at Chateau Vaudreuil.  This was the second of two weddings I covered that weekend (you can take a look at the first one here).  [...]

Chateau Vaudreuil wedding: Jenna & Danny2020-04-12T12:28:07-04:00

Christine & Jeff


These are Strange Days We're several weeks into this pandemic and most businesses (including the wedding business) have been put on pause for an indefinite time.  Things will get back to normal (sooner rather than later, I hope) but for now I, like most of you, am spending the time staying at home all [...]

Christine & Jeff2020-04-13T18:05:32-04:00

February 2020

Melanie & Stewart at Le Crystal


Great wedding weather for February Last weekend I had the opportunity to do something I haven't done in quite a while: photograph a winter wedding for Melanie and Stewart.  Weddings in the beginning of February in Montreal can be difficult for the obvious reason: you could very well be getting married in the middle [...]

Melanie & Stewart at Le Crystal2020-02-09T20:28:20-05:00

January 2020

How to Plan a Wedding in Montreal, Quebec


Wedding Planning in Montreal So... what makes you an expert in wedding planning? Good question.  I'm not a wedding planner, but I am a photographer who's worked over 200 weddings.  As a photographer, I'm someone who will be with the couple for the entire wedding day.  I've seen all kinds of weddings, and I've [...]

How to Plan a Wedding in Montreal, Quebec2020-01-22T14:08:35-05:00

September 2019

Kim & Julie


We didn't have the best weather for Kim & Julie's wedding last Saturday, but that didn't stop it from being a great day!  The entire event was held at the Montreal Airport Sheraton hotel, which has an interesting circular design with an outdoor garden in the middle.  Unfortunately the looming threat of rain made [...]

Kim & Julie2019-09-13T11:06:26-04:00

October 2017

Montreal Wedding Photography Tips – A Few Simple Ways To Get Great Photos


How to Help Your Wedding Photographer Help You Weddings are stressful events, right?  Everyone knows that.  If you've ever been to a bride's or groom's house as they're getting ready, you know that there are probably a bunch of people running around trying to get last-minute things done.  One of the worst things about [...]

Montreal Wedding Photography Tips – A Few Simple Ways To Get Great Photos2018-07-30T16:15:35-04:00

June 2017

Great Portrait Locations Around Montreal


Portrait locations: So where do we go to shoot? Over the years, I've shot a lot of weddings.  I've also shot a lot of wedding portraits in so many different locations.  Some portrait locations come up again and again... and again (I'm looking at you, Old Montreal) and some are out-of-the-way places I've only [...]

Great Portrait Locations Around Montreal2017-06-22T20:11:48-04:00

April 2017

How to choose a wedding photographer in Montreal.


Let the search begin In my last post I gave some survival tips for newly-engaged couples about to brave the wild and savage frontier known as the Bridal Show.  This time, I thought I might go into a bit more detail when choosing a particular vendor: your wedding photographer.  This is an area I [...]

How to choose a wedding photographer in Montreal.2018-07-30T16:10:30-04:00

A survivor’s guide to wedding shows.


Wedding shows: Let the chaos begin! So you’ve gotten engaged.  Congratulations!  Now what?  After the initial excitement wears off and reality sets in, you’ll come to the realization that you need to plan a wedding.  But where to begin?  For many people, this means one thing: going to wedding shows!  This is a perfect [...]

A survivor’s guide to wedding shows.2017-08-22T14:27:33-04:00