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Wedding Planning Burnout

by | Aug 06, 2020

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How to Plan a Wedding

by | Jan 01, 2020

Wedding Planning in Montreal So… what makes you an expert in wedding planning? Good question. I’m not a wedding planner, but I am a photographer who’s worked over 200 weddings. As a photographer, I’m […]

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Real Estate Photographers: They’re Not All The Same!

by | Aug 08, 2019

Finding the Right Real Estate Photographer So you’re serious about being in real estate. Maybe you’re a broker, maybe you own a hotel or motel, maybe you list an apartment on Airbnb… bottom line, […]

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Montreal Food Photography: Simulating Daylight – Completing The Look

by | Dec 26, 2018

Food Photography – Simulating Daylight 2: Where Do We Go From Here? Last time, we went into detail looking at how to modify our main light of our food photography setup to copy some […]

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Montreal Food Photography: Simulating Daylight – The Basics

by | Dec 19, 2018

There are those out there who believe that natural light is always the best light to use for food photography because it gives the warmest, most organic, most inviting feel to the setup… or […]

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Montreal Wedding Photography Tips – A Few Simple Ways To Get Great Photos

by | Oct 28, 2017

How to Help Your Wedding Photographer Help You Weddings are stressful events, right? Everyone knows that. If you’ve ever been to a bride’s or groom’s house as they’re getting ready, you know that there […]

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Great Portrait Locations Around Montreal

by | Jun 22, 2017

Portrait locations: So where do we go to shoot? Over the years, I’ve shot a lot of weddings. I’ve also shot a lot of wedding portraits in so many different locations. Some portrait locations […]

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Sports Photography – The Photographer

by | Apr 30, 2017

Becoming Psychic This is the third and final part of my Sports Photography Tutorial. The first two parts covered the main equipment: the camera and the lens. Now, we’re going to take a look […]

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Why should you hire a professional real estate photographer in Montreal? Image matters.

by | Apr 03, 2017

First impressions matter The biggest reason for hiring a professional real estate photographer to shoot photos of your property is quite simple: quality. Nobody will deny that a bright, sharp, well-exposed photo of a […]

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How to choose a wedding photographer in Montreal.

by | Apr 03, 2017

Let the search begin In my last post I gave some survival tips for newly-engaged couples about to brave the wild and savage frontier known as the Bridal Show. This time, I thought I […]

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