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Stand Out From The Crowd

CM Images offers real estate photography that will give your listings the edge they need to stand out in today’s marketplace. It should come as no surprise that a strong visual presentation will attract more potential buyers to your property, and real estate photography is a big part of that presentation. I shoot using both flash and H.D.R. techniques and provide you with both sets of photos. The reason is simple: unless you completely light the property up like a high-end production, one technique will give better results than the other. Since you can’t tell which will be better until you look at the finished product, I simply shoot and provide you with both.

Don’t Just Attract Clients, Keep Them

I also make sure that the images are a proper representation of the property. I avoid ultra-wide angles that give an exaggerated perspective. While making the room look huge might attract lots of attention, it’s actually not the best thing to do. Potential buyers will be disappointed (at best) when they show up to view the property and see that it’s half the size they were expecting. I also keep the composition clean: no doorknobs at the edge of the frame, and no dining-room chairs or other furniture in the foreground blocking your view. You can find out more about why it’s important to hire a real estate photographer Here.

Architectural Photography Marketing Videos

I also offer dynamic real estate photography marketing slideshow videos like the one above. Great for showing any property, but also for promoting your business! They can be made in the standard wide-screen format or in a square format like the one above. The square format is ideal for social media platforms like Facebook because it looks better on mobile devices.

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