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August 2019

“I hereby do not authorize Instagram…”


Instagram hoax nothing new Let me stop you right there.  Chances are you've either seen the viral post yourself or heard about it.  For those of you who haven't here's a summary.  A post was making its way around Instagram recently claiming that a new rule/law was going into effect that would give Instagram [...]

“I hereby do not authorize Instagram…”2019-08-22T12:54:53-04:00

Real Estate Photographers: They’re Not All The Same!


Finding the Right Real Estate Photographer So you're serious about being in real estate.  Maybe you're a broker, maybe you own  a hotel or motel, maybe you list an apartment on Airbnb... bottom line, you make some or all of your living by renting out or selling properties.  As you well know, having high-quality [...]

Real Estate Photographers: They’re Not All The Same!2019-08-08T17:18:53-04:00